Toob Studio with D+A magazine

Interview content :

In 2014, Hanoi architects Nguyen Hong Quang and Nguyen Huyen Trang founded Toob Studio, an architectural practice that focuses mainly on small to medium residential projects. Aspects from Japanese minimalism can be seen in their work, which frequently include clean but crisp angular facades, and floating staircases. According to the duo, with an urban population of nearly 2,000 people per square kilometre living in Vietnam’s urban areas, many newly built homes are typically multi-story, boxy concrete townhouse-like structures with small floor areas, and minimal outdoor space. They hopes to overcome this challenge by designing buildings that are more transparent, and that bring the outdoors in. “Though architectural constructions are often limited by finite geometric dimensions, with an open mind and the willingness to push boundaries, we will find ways to dissolve these limitations,” says Nguyen Hong Quang. Toob Studio are presently working on five projects including a prefabricated tea pavilion, all of which are slated for completion by the end of 2018.