Project Year

Toob Studio

Hải Phòng



The house was built in suburb of Hai Phong - a small and tranquil coastal city. When making the case for the house, the owner, who is an acquaintance of us, demanded that: " There would be only me and my mother living in this house, so please do it simple "

Therefore, the house was designed simply as its meaning: common structure, avalable materials on site, usual skills that local building workers can acquired. Above all others, life within the house is simple as it is, meals can be served wherever the users want them to locate, rain or sunshine will be a part of the house as it contributes to the interference of space between indoor and outdoor.

There are 4 separated spaces in the house. Activities are well calculated to contact or go through the "courtyard" to increase interaction within humans ( users ) and between human and nature as much as possible. The courtyard is a common space between circulation and activities, it plays the role of ventilation for the house as well. Besides designated spaces meet requirements of current needs, there are still reserved spaces for future expansion needs. Reserved spaces can be grown vertically or horizontally depends on the expansion of owner. During research process, architects have modulized the house into a completed unit with separate functions as combining into a single great route would bring connection among interference spaces to enhance circulation and ventilation as a whole.