Project Year

Toob Studio

Nguyễn Xiển , Hà Nội



Time – sometimes plays role as a material itself. We came visited this house after 2 years of using to see things remain the same since last day we left. Up to our expectation, trees have been growing up and living up the house.

Located on a convenient site - a junction, this moderate-sized house has good view as an advantage. However, the houses look out westward, which seems quite annoying because it always receives a lot of sunbeams is another disadvantage. As a result, we had covered up the house by a parallel steel frame in order for lianas grow green all over the front side.

Inner plan is allocated simply but satisfying enough for 3 generations to use in a modest area. Although materials used are all easy to find, in the process of construction we had always paid high attention on design, structure estimation, as well as workmanship’s skills.

Altar area of the house placed separately, up in the central highest floor. There is only one entrance through the garden, which sounds quite inconvenient, but for those who live and visit would figure out the reason. Mess of life could be cleaned out of daily activities, walking through natural space to come in this quiet and sacred space.

This house is called “scent house” because of  the sweet osmanthus tree planted, while we are taking pleasure the freshness of a space full of green trees and enjoying peacefulness of a new home commodity.