5 x 12 HOUSE




Project Year

Toob Studio

Trâu Quì , Gia Lâm



The project is built on a land area of 5mx20m with an airy surface. After leaving a part of the area for the front yard and backyard in accordance with the planning of the city, the remaining building area is 5mx12m, the typical area for the "portion house " in Vietnam.

When approaching from the spaces of traditional housing, we find that the "buffer zone" is a very important space that many modern homes today are no longer able to hold, namely the porch, the loggia, the middle yard...

In this space, a renewal impact has been brought by external elements upon the interior, which has actively promoted the initiative the to control the impact of the user. Due to the limited width and depth, portion house’s structure is usually developed in height. 

Therefore, we put buffer spaces alternatively between private spaces, their forms and positions are different between floors. The buffer zones, in this case, play roles as traffic or public areas, where family members will connect more in these spaces.The "buffer space" is like an important chain linking between private spaces, and with the exterior as well.We control the effects of the external environment on the interior at these buffer spaces. 

Natural light is brought into the buffer space but it must limit the thermal effect to deep in the interior; the wind entrance is created while the exit is also open.As a result, space is static, but its inner body is always moving.  Besides, we always search for natural materials in those buffer zones in order to be suitable with external elements. 

Finally, that the combination of materials, light, and swirl air themselves have been creating a fresh and comfortable feeling for users without any decorations.